How to Stream YouTube Videos to Fios TV

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If you have Verizon FiOS television service, FiOS Internet and a computer, you can stream and watch YouTube videos on your TV. In April 2010, Verizon introduced streaming YouTube and Internet radio to its FiOS customers through its Media Manager software. Along with streaming video and radio, the software works with your FiOS DVR to access the music files, photos and videos stored on your home computer.


Step 1

Download Media Manager on your computer from the Verizon website (See Resource 1). Once Media Manager is done downloading, leave your computer on and the program running.

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Step 2

Turn on your television and FiOS DVR.


Step 3

Press the "Menu" button on your remote, and use the down arrow button to scroll to the "Media Manager" option in the menu. Press "OK."

Step 4

Press the down arrow button to scroll to "Internet Media." Select "YouTube Videos." Press "OK."



Step 5

Find a video you want to watch. You can select a top-rated video or search for a video. Use your remote control to navigate through the YouTube menu on your television screen.



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