How to Connect Webmail to Outlook

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You can easily use Outlook 2007 to read your webmail.

Microsoft Outlook is the most common email client application. Many users enjoy the ease of having the email window pop up at their fingertips when clicking on the contact email on websites instead of having to access their email in order to compose and send a message. As using Outlook for instant emailing became more popular, more users opted to connect their emails directly to Outlook. This is a simple process that requires just a few easy steps.


Step 1

Launch Outlook and go to "Account Settings" under "Tools." Select "Email" and click "New."

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Step 2

Go to "Add New Email Account" and choose your specific email server from the drop-down list. Click "Next," then "Manually Configure Server Settings" and hit "Next" again.


Step 3

Click on "Internet Email," then press "Next" and fill in the username, email address, email password and server info fields.


Step 4

Click on "Test Account Settings" in the same window to let Outlook run a connectivity test. Once the test is complete, click "Next" and "Finish." You have now set up direct access to and from your email account.




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