How to Change the Size of the Print in AOL Mail

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AOL Mail is an email service provided to the customers of American Online as well as Web users. When you print an email using AOL Mail software, you may notice that the font size either appears too small or too large. AOL Mail gives you the flexibility to adjust the font size and thus, the size of the print. Note that these instructions apply to AOL 9.0 or higher. If you have an old edition, follow instructions from the link specified under Resources.


Step 1

Launch your AOL Mail software from the Start menu or desktop shortcut.

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Step 2

Log in using your AOL screen name and password.

Step 3

Click "Settings" on the top bar.


Step 4

Click "Font and Text."

Step 5

Click the font type drop-down menu to choose either a larger or smaller font type than the current one. Click the font size drop-down menu to choose either a larger or smaller font size based on your preference.


Step 6

Click "Save."

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