How to Control a TV Using a Bose Lifestyle Remote

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How to Control a TV Using a Bose Lifestyle Remote. With a BOSE Lifestyle Model 35, 28, 18 DVD home entertainment system, you can control most, if not all, of your current television's functions using the Lifestyle's remote control. If the manufacturer of the television to be controlled is not shown, it may be necessary to contact BOSE for technical support by either phone or online support.


Step 1

Turn on the TV you wish to control using its own remote. Do not do anything else at this time until all steps have been completed. If the television was manufactured within the last 5 to 10 years, you should not encounter any problems.

Step 2

Take the Lifestyle remote in hand. Locate and press the "TV" button.

Step 3

Locate and press the "Settings" button on the Lifestyle remote. An On Screen menu appears at this point.


Step 4

Use the remote's directional keys to scroll to System Setup. Press the "Enter" key. Go to Remote Control Setup and select it by pressing the "Enter" key.

Step 5

Look at the TV Brand menu which shows up first. Continue to press the right arrow button until your television brand such as Sony, Toshiba or RCA appears. Once located, release the arrow button.

Step 6

Select TV device code for the proper 4-digit code. Now press the "TV Power" button on the Lifestyle remote. If you used the correct code, the television should turn off.


Step 7

Use the right arrow button to go to the next device code if the television didn't turn off. Again, press the "TV Power" button. Repeat this step until you have located the correct code. Once the correct code has been selected, your Lifestyle remote operates the television for most of its common functions.