How to Control the Backlit Keyboard of a Notebook PC

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An example of a backlit keyboard on a laptop.

Some laptops have keyboards that are backlit. On some keyboards, each individual key appears to light up, while others have a broad light that glows across the keys. This makes it possible to see the keys clearly in darkness without having to keep the screen brightness on high. Depending on the make and model of your computer, there may be different ways to control to brightness of the keyboard.


Step 1

Locate the keyboard backlight control keys across the top of the keyboard. Some laptops, such as Apple's Macbook Pro, have these control keys.

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Step 2

Press the right backlight key to brighten the light or the left backlight key to dim the light. Some laptops may have a toggle-style switch on the top or side of the keyboard for backlighting. Push or toggle the switch to change brightness. If you do not see these keys or a toggle switch, proceed to Step 3.


Step 3

Locate the "Fn" key and the directional arrow keys on your laptop keyboard. While holding down the "Fn" key, press and hold one of the directional arrow keys. Attempt this with each directional key until the light dims or brightens. If this does not change the lighting, proceed to Step 4.


Step 4

Try other key combinations such as the "Fn" key and a letter key. You may need to consult your specific laptop's manual for these key combinations.


Step 5

Alternatively, click on "Start" followed by "Control Panel." Locate the "Keyboard" settings icon under "Control Panel" and select it. Look for a tab or entry for "Keyboard backlight settings" and select it. Adjust the brightness accordingly, and click "Save" or "Apply." Some laptops may have an auto adjust option, which you can check off, allowing the computer to determine brightness based on ambient light conditions.



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