How to Turn Off the "F-Lock" Function Key

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The F-Lock can be turned on by using the keyboard, without having to go into any programs.

The "F-Lock" key works by enabling 12 different keys, at the very top of your keyboard, with functions that would normally take two to three steps with a mouse. In other words, the function keys provide short cuts. These short cuts enable a user to quickly move to functions — spell check, undo, paste, print and reply, for example — without having to go though other steps. For people who do not wish to have this feature enabled or do not know how to use the F-key programming, there is a way to turn off this feature.


Step 1

Turn on your computer. Before you can turn off the "F-Lock" key on your keyboard, your computer must be on to receive the signal.

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Step 2

Locate the "F-Lock" key on your keyboard. On most keyboards, the "F-Lock" key is found above the 10-key number pad, directly above the "Num Lock" key. The key says "F-Lock" and sometimes has an "F" below it with a black square around it.


Step 3

Press the "F-Lock" key. This turn offs the secondary functions that the top keys (the "F" keys) provide.


Step 4

Check to make sure that the F-Lock is off. This will be indicated by a light on the keyboard. There are three lights at the top of the keyboard. They indicate whether the Num Lock is on, the Caps Lock is on and whether the F-Lock is on. Make sure that the light that corresponds to the F-Lock (in most cases there will be a letter "F" above or below the light) is off. If the light is off, then the function key lock is disabled.




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