How to Control Vizio via Your iPhone

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If you have a Vizio television, you should be able to control it with the remote that came with the television. However, if you lost the remote and you have an iPhone, you can get by without purchasing another remote control. Instead, you have the capability of using your iPhone as a remote control for your Vizio TV. The process to set up your iPhone to work as a remote is simple and only takes a short time to complete.


Step 1

Purchase the iWavit attachment for the iPhone. This is a small device that plugs into the bottom of the iPhone where the iPhone USB cord typically plugs in. Once you purchase the device, plug it into the iPhone.

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Step 2

Download the iWavit application from the App Store on your phone. Click on the App Store icon and then type "iWavit" into the search box. Once you find the iWavit application for Vizio, click on the "Install" button. As of the time of publication, the application does not cost anything to download. Enter your iTunes account password information to start the download process.


Step 3

Open the application on your iPhone once it is downloaded. After the application opens, you can begin pointing the phone at your TV and pressing the buttons on your screen. For example, you may push the "Channel" button to change the channel on your TV or the "Volume" buttons to turn up or down the volume.



Tips & Warnings

  • Create your own custom remote control for the iWavit remote application. This allows you to create a remote control that has only the buttons you use and eliminate many of the unnecessary functions.



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