How to Convert a GIF File to HTML

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Converting an image file, like a GIF, to a plain text file, like HTML, is a useful way to change a static image into a document that you can edit, copy and paste. Most scanned documents are actually first scanned as image files, and then OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software is used to identify the words on the document and convert them into an editable format. Multiple free OCR web services exist that can convert your GIF file into an HTML page.


Step 1

Visit a free OCR website.

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Step 2

Click "Upload" and locate the GIF file on your computer that you want converted into HTML format.

Step 3

Choose "HTML" from the drop-down box when asked what format you want your GIF converted into. (If you do not see HTML, choose DOC, which is a Microsoft Word document.)


Step 4

Save the resulting HTML file by either right-clicking on the provided link, or, if the HTML page is loaded in your web browser, clicking "File" and "Save As." Name your document and then click "Save."


Step 5

If you were unable to convert the GIF directly into HTML, open your new DOC file in Microsoft Word. Go to "File > Save As" and choose "Web Page (.htm, .html)" from the "Save as Type" drop-down menu. Name your file and click "Save."


If you just want your GIF image to appear on an HTML page, enter the following code into your HTML code editor:

Change the URL in that line of code to the URL of your GIF file. The GIF must be saved in a place that is accessible from anywhere on the internet; if it is only saved on your hard drive, no one else will be able to load the file. Remember, filenames are case-sensitive.