How to Convert an Outlook Calendar to ICS

By Andrew Meer

Import your Outlook calendar to various time-management applications by converting them to the ICS, or iCalendar, format.

Convert your Outlook calendars to the iCalendar format, ICS, to import them to alternate services such as Google Calendar, Apple's Calendar or Outlook provides built-in functionality to save your calendar in the ICS format, with additional options that enable you to specify the amount of days and level of detail you want converted.

Step 1

Open Outlook, and then click Calendar.

Step 2

Select the calendar that you want to convert from the the left-hand pane.

The left-pane lists all available calendars.

Step 3

Open the File pull-down menu, and then click Save Calendar.

The Save As dialog box opens.

Step 4

Choose iCalendar Format (*ics) from the Save As Type pull-down menu, and then click More Options.

Additional Save As options shows up.


Click Save instead if you want to save with the default settings, which are displayed under the Save As Type menu.

Step 5

Open the Date Range pull-down menu and select Specify Date to select the amount of days that you want converted, or Whole Calendar to convert the entire calendar. Other options include Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 Days, and Next 30 Days.

By default, this option is set to Today.

Open the menu next to Detail to specify the level of detail that you want added to the converted calendar. Availability Only doesn't include subjects in appointments, but rather displays them as Free, Busy, Tentative, Working Elsewhere or Out of Office. Limited Availability displays appointment subjects, while Full Availability lets you include all details in calendar appointments.

By default, this option is set to Limited Availability.

Click the Show button next to Advanced. To include calendar items that are marked as private, check the box next to Include details of items marked private; this option is only available if you set the level of detail to Limited Availability or Full Availability. To include attachments within items, check the box next to Include attachments within outlook items; this option is only available if the detail level is set to Full Availability.

By default, both options are disabled unless you manually select them.

Click OK after making your preferred adjustments.

Outlook saves your adjustments.

Step 6

Specify a save destination, enter a file name, and then click Save.

Outlook converts the calendar to the ICS format.