How to Convert DAT Files to PDF

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ABC Amber Clarion Converter will allow you to convert .DAT files into PDFs.

DAT files come with the extension .DAT. DAT stands for data, and this can be text, graphics or other data. You can usually view .DAT files in a reader program without changing the file extension, but if you want to convert the data to a PDF (Portable Document Format), you will need special software to do so. Converting the file to a PDF will give you a display copy of the data that cannot be edited.


Step 1

Go to the ABC Clarion website using the link in Resources. Click the link to initiate the software download and follow the on-screen instructions. These will take you through the converter software setup.

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Step 2

Check any dates that appear in the .DAT file. If the Amber Clarion Converter software is recognizing them as numerical fields, click on "Tools," "Options" and "General." Select the second import method and click on "Detect date field."


Step 3

Find the .DAT file you want to convert and follow the instructions in the software to convert the file to a PDF. (You do not need to download Adobe Acrobat to do this.) At this stage, you can choose options you would normally control with a PDF, such as page size, borders, font, text and security. The software will export a copy of the file to your hard drive.


Step 4

Register the software before the 30-day trial is over. Until you register the software, you will only be able to export 10 files.



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