How to Convert .Ebk to .Pdf

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EBK files were e-books for the Embiid Reader software; the company that produced this software is now out of business, so Embiid Reader can no longer be purchased or downloaded. However, an enterprising Embiid user created a script that will convert existing Embiid EBK files into HTML, which can then be converted into a PDF. An Adobe PDF file is a preferable way of storing and reading e-books because they can be loaded onto most conventional e-book readers and do not lose formatting when viewed on multiple devices; page three will always be page three in a PDF.

Convert EBK to HTML

Step 1

Create a new folder on your desktop called "Converted."

Step 2

Locate EmbiidReader.exe on your computer and move it into the "Converted" folder.

Step 3

Download the ZIP file from the link listed in the Resources section and save it your "Converted" folder.

Step 4

Unzip the file; it will contain one file called "" Make sure this file is also in the "Converted" folder.

Step 5

Locate the EBK file(s) you want converted to PDFs and move them into the "Converted" folder.

Step 6

Launch the Command Line (Windows) or Terminal (Mac). Change into the "Converted" directory; if you don't know how to change directories, try typing the following:

cd Desktop/Converted

Step 7

Type the following command: <ebook.ebk>

(Replace <ebook.ebk> with the name of the .EBK file you want to convert.)

Step 8

Repeat Step 7 for each EBK file. An HTML file with the same name as each book will appear in the "Converted" folder.

Convert HTML to PDF

Step 1

Open one of the converted HTML files in the "Converted" directory by double-clicking on it. It should open in your web browser.

Step 2

Go to "File" -> "Save As" and save the page as a PDF. (Mac only.)

Step 3

Go to "File" -> "Print" and select "PDFCreator" as the destination printer. Click "Print" and a window will appear asking where you want to save the resulting PDF file. Choose a memorable location, name the file, and click "Save." Your PDF should open automatically after it's done converting. If you don't have PDFCreator, download and install it (see link under Resources). (Windows only.)

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 for each e-book.

Things You'll Need

  • PDFCreator (for Windows users)

  • EmbiidReader.exe


If Step 7 gives you an error that Python is not installed, you will need to download and install Python (see link in Resources).

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