How to Convert Open Office to Video

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Open Office is an open source software suite made for completing the same tasks as Microsoft Office. Open source programs are free to download and use for as long as you want. As of June 2010, the only Open Office program that features video support is Open Office Impress. This is presentation software that is the free equivalent of Microsoft Powerpoint. It contains the ability to convert a presentation that it imports to a flash video format.


Step 1

Launch Open Office Impress and open the presentation file that you'd like to convert to video by clicking on "File > Open" and using the window that opens to find your presentation file.

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Step 2

Wait for Open Office to import your file. When the progress bar at the bottom of the Open Office screen makes it all the way to the right, click on "File > Export."


Step 3

Wait for the "Export" window to open and then choose a location to save your video by clicking on the drop-down menu at the top next to the words "Save in folder." Then, in the box at the bottom of the export window, next to the word "Name," type a name for your file.



Step 4

Click on the drop-down menu next to the words "File type," which appear right under the box where you just typed a name for your file, and select "Macromedia Flash (SWF)." Click the "Save" button and wait for the program to convert your Open Office file to a video file.



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