How to Convert Peachtree to Quickbooks

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Converting files is never easy, and you've made the switch to Quickbooks but you have years of data that need to be converted. Though Peachtree is a good bookkeeping and accounting program, Quickbooks is the largest and most recognizable name in the industry with the widest array of applications. Making the switch from Peachtree to Quickbooks takes time, patience and a little technical know-how to make it happen.


Step 1

Back up your data. It's always advisable to make a backup of any data you plan to modify. Even though this conversion tool will work, according to Intuit (the maker of Quickbooks) a good rule of thumb is always back up your data first. If something goes wrong, you can always resort to the backup and make another copy.


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Step 2

Name your files. You can choose to go by name or ID, but it is advisable to use names for easy reference. Make the title succinct--Quickbooks Data is limited to 41 characters, and you can't use the same name twice. If you have two Fourth Quarters, for example, Quickbooks will automatically assign numbers after the name (001, 002, 003).


Step 3

Visit the Intuit website and register. Intuit has a free conversion tool on their website that will convert all the pertinent data (see "Additional Resources," below). The idea behind this tool is to allow you to pick up where you left off in your business accounting software. Once you go to that site, enter all necessary information in the boxes and hit "Submit."


Step 4

Download the converter file. Once you fill out this data, you can go ahead and download the tool. It is about 30 MB and will take about two minutes to install on a 3-Mbps connection. When the download is complete, hit "Run." The conversion tool will then be installed on your system.


Step 5

Run the converter tool installer. The Quickbooks conversion tool will walk you through, step-by-step, the process of converting your data. Locate your Peachtree Data, press the button and the conversion tool will automatically start converting.


Step 6

Enter your company name. Now the data is converted but the company name and information have to be entered manually. Open Quickbooks, select "Company" and then "Company Information." Open Peachtree, select "Maintain" and choose "Company Information." This must be copied and pasted.


Step 7

Set up your preferences. Remember, all you did was convert the data. The way the business is run still needs to be recognized by Quickbooks. In order to do this, go to the "Edit" menu and select "Preferences." Set up the basic data like you would set up your company from scratch.



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