How to Convert Print Shop Files to PDF

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Since not everybody has Print Shop on their computers, you can save projects in PDF format, allowing your people you work with to open and print the project accurately. Follow these tips to convert your Print Shop files to PDF format.

Step 1

Save your finished project. With the project open on the Design Desk, do one of the following: \n• Choose "Save as PDF" from the File menu.\n• Click the "Finish Project" button on the Object toolbar, and then choose "More Finish Options" from the submenu. Select "Save as PDF" from the Finish Project dialog box, and then click "Next."\n• Click the "Professional Printing" button on the Standard toolbar.\n• Choose "Printing" from the File menu, and then select "Print Setup." In the Print Setup dialog box, choose "Broderbund PDF Creator" from the Name list box, and then click "OK." Click "Print" in the Print dialog box.


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Step 2

Select a resolution in the Resolution drop-down list. Higher resolutions increase print quality, but also increase the PDF file size. Click "Continue."

Step 3

The Save as dialog box displays with PDF file type selected.\n\nSelect a location to save your project in the "Save in" drop-down list.


Step 4

Type a name for your project in the File Name box and click "Save." The project will be saved as a PDF file with your selected options.


You will need a downloaded PDF reader, like Adobe, to be able to veiw your saved files.