How To Copy iPhone Pictures to an SD Card

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iPhones can't read or write SD cards, but your computer can.

As of March, 2010, it is not possible to add an SD card reader directly to an iPhone. (This may be changing. See the Tip.) If you wish to copy your iPhone pictures onto an SD card for transfer to another portable device, the best way to do this is with the computer you use to sync your iPhone's data.


Step 1

Plug in the USB SD card reader, and insert the SD card. It will appear as an additional storage drive on your computer.

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Step 2

Connect the iPhone to the computer, and sync it as you normally would with iTunes. Your photos will be stored in Windows Photo Gallery, or in Apple's iPhoto, depending upon your operating system.


Step 3

Drag the photos to the SD card to copy them. A copy will remain on your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • USB SD card reader

  • SD card


There are two announced SD card readers which may work with the iPhone, but they are not scheduled to be released until April, 2010. The first is ZoomIt’s SD card reader, which holds the SD card and connects directly to the USB port. The second is Apple’s own SD card reader, which will be released for the iPad only; this may work with the iPhone as well, but this has not yet been announced.



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