How to Copy & Paste a Word Document

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You have the option of copying and pasting a Word document into another Word document or into another application. When you are pasting a document into another Word document, you have control over the formatting. You can opt to paste the text with the formatting from the source document, paste it to match the formatting of the destination document or paste only the text with no formatting.


Step 1

Open the Word document you want to copy in Microsoft Word.

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Step 2

Press the "Ctrl" key and the "A" key to select the whole document.

Step 3

Press the "Ctrl" key and the "C" key to copy the document.


Step 4

Open the Word document or application in which you want to paste the Word document. Click your cursor at the desired insertion point.

Step 5

Press the "Ctrl" key and the "V" key to paste the document. If you are pasting within word, the "Paste Options" icon will appear in the window. Click on the icon and select from the options to change the formatting of the pasted text.