How to Create a Private Email Account

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Setting up a private email account is convenient and easy.

Creating a private email account is quick and easy. The first part is to decide which email provider you wish to use. There are many email providers, such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail. All of these are comparable in what they have to offer. They will have some limitations with file transferring and storage, but the average user will find them more than adequate.


Creating Your Account

Step 1

Enter the website of the service you have chosen. On the provider's home page, there will be a place to sign up. It's usually around the same place where returning users can log in. Click on this.


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Step 2

Some basic information, such as your name, will be required. Enter the information as requested.

Step 3

At some point, you will have to choose the name of your email account. This is what will appear before the @ sign when you give your email address. It will have to be unique, as there are so many email accounts out there, but don't make it so unique that you can't remember it.


Step 4

You will have to choose a password for your account. Choose a password that no one would ever guess. A good way to increase the security of your password is to combine letters and numerals. You will have to enter the password twice as part of the registration.


Step 5

Most providers have a security device to help prevent hackers from registering hundreds of email addresses over and over again. The most common device is a text box with some slightly obscured letters. You will be asked to recognize the letters and type them in. If the letters are too obscured for you to make them out, there will be a button to order a new set of letters.


Step 6

The next time you access your provider's home page, you will see two boxes for logging in. One is for your email address and the other is for your password. You now have your own, private email address.



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