How to Create Categories for a Google Calendar

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Google Calendar is an online program that allows users to customize and track their personal calendars through an easy-to-use interface. Unfortunately, Google Calendar was created with one obstacle: it does not allow users to categorize their calendar events. However, by using the "My Calendars" function, a logical categorizing system can be created. With just a few simple steps, users can create categories and track their events. Not only will this process color-code the calendar for easy reading, but it will also allow users to view one category at a time if necessary.


Step 1

Review the typical events on your calendar to determine which categories will be necessary. For example, if you are using a Google Calendar to keep track of your family's activities, you may need the following categories: Family Parties, Dance Class, Football, Volunteering, Business Dinners and Family Outings. On the other hand, using a Google Calendar to track work activities might include the following categories: Staff Meeting, Accounting Meeting, Projects Due, Teleconferences and Business Trips. As you brainstorm your list of categories, jot them down on a piece of paper to keep track of them.

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Step 2

Add your categories through the "My Calendars" function, which can be found on the left sidebar of the calendar screen. Click the "Create" link in the bottom right corner of the box. Under the "Calendar Name" section, enter the Category name. Add a brief description and any other information if desired. Once you are satisfied with the entry, click the "Create Calendar" button to save the category. Repeat this step until all of your categories have been entered into the "My Calendars" box. You will notice that each calendar is given a different color. To change the color, click on the small arrow to the right of the calendar name and select the preferred color.


Step 3

Enter your events into the appropriate dates. To do this, simply click on the date and wait for the entry box to pop open. Enter a brief name for the event and select the calendar it should be categorized under. For example, if you enter "Billy's Football Practice 3pm," you would use the "Football" calendar. You can also click the "Edit Event Details" link, which opens a window that allows you to further customize the event. Once you are satisfied with your entry, save the changes to create the event. Repeat this step until all of your events have been entered.



Step 4

Review your events for accuracy. If anything needs to be changed, simply click on the event in the calendar and select "Edit Event Details." Edit the information as necessary and save all changes.

Step 5

To view one calendar category at a time in Google Calendar, click on the arrow to the right of the calendar name and select "Display only this Calendar." To bring the other calendars back to the display, simply click on their names in the box.




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