How to Change the Sequence of Google Calendars

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Google Calendar is used by many businesses to help with time management; for instance, keeping track of meetings, client consultations and potential employee interviews. While the first calendar in the Google Calendar list is not able to be moved from its position, the rest can be sorted depending on how your calendars are named. If you want to put your calendars in a certain order, you can take advantage of Google Calendar's alphabetized sorting to do so.


Step 1

Sign in to your Google Calendar (link in Resources).

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Step 2

Click the gear icon and then click "Settings."

Step 3

Click the "Calendars" link.


Step 4

Click on one of your calendars to open the calendar's detail page.

Step 5

Place a number in front of the calendar's name. For instance, if you have a calendar named "Meetings," change the name so that it says "01 - Meetings." This will ensure that the calendar shows up first in your calendar list after your main calendar.



Step 6

Repeat this process for all of your other calendars, placing a different number in front of each name. The lower the number, the closer the calendar will be to the top of the calendar list. Just remember to place a 0 in front of any single digits; if you have a calendar that starts with "1" and a calendar that starts with "11," they'll be displayed next to each other, even if you have a calendar with "2" in front. Using a number like "01" solves this issue.

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