How to Create Computer Generated Images on Personal Computers

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Your home personal computer can be used to create graphic images. There is a growing community of professional and amateur artists who are using 3D graphics programs to create images for commercial purposes or just to post online to sites such as If you would like to create images like this you can use the free program Daz Studio to make them.


Step 1

Go to the website and download the Daz Studio software to your computer. You will also need to download and install Daz 3D's Victoria 4 (V4) and Micheal 4 (M4). Purchase the standard textures for these figures as well. Decide what kind of image you want to create and list the clothing and props you will need for the scene. For example, you might need a dress, shoes and hair for the V4 figure, a Victorian style room and appropriate furnishings.


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Step 2

Open the Daz Studio software. If a default scene loads at the beginning, select "File" and click "New." Now go to the "Libraries" at left and browse through the folders to find the V4 figure. Drag her into the scene. Now search the folders for the clothing and hair you desire and drag them into the scene. These will automatically be applied to the figure and move with it.


Step 3

Browse the folders and load the room and furnishings into the scene, placing them where you want them. Click to add a light to the scene, positioning it as well.


Step 4

Select the V4 figure and go to the "Power Pose" panel on the right. You will see a 2D human figure. Select the parts you want to pose on the 3D figure in the scene. When you move them on the 2D figure in "Power Pose" the matching part on the 3D figure will move as well. Use the controls to pose the figure.


Step 5

Click on the "Render" tab and in the "Render" settings panel select "Single Image" (rather than animation), the quality of the render and click "Render." Save the image as a high resolution JPEG.



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