How to Delete MSN Search History

By Deborah Cohn

When you use search engines to browse the web, a history of your searches is built on your computer and added to files on your Windows OS. This info can compromise your privacy and is accessible to anyone who knows where on your computer these files can be found. Some history tracks are difficult and even impossible to remove manually. While it's usually a fairly simple process to erase a browser history, erasing the search string history is more difficult. Your best bet is to use software to permanently delete this data from your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • ComputerInternet Access

Step 1

Go to the Delete History site and download its Clear All History software (see additional resources). There are two types of software offered here. Delete History Free 1.2 is shareware. But it won't offer the tools you need to erase search string history--you need to download the Clear All History software. Clear All History is offered with a free 15-day trial, but you will have to pay for the full version once the trial is over.Install the software on your computer.

Step 2

Open the Clear All History program. Click on "Tools." Click on "Internet Options." Open the tab labeled "General."

Step 3

Delete the browser history. On the left-hand navigation bar, click "Browser's History." Click on "MSN Explorer." On the right side of the screen you will see a list of procedures. Check the following boxes: Clear browser historyDelete temporary Internet files (clear cache)Delete cookiesDelete stored passwordsClick "Apply."

Step 4

Set the software to delete browser history files automatically if you wish. On the left-hand navigation bar, click "Browser's History" again. On the right side of the screen near the bottom, there is a section that says Delete Index.dat files at Windows startup. Check the "history index.dat" box. Click Apply.

Step 5

Delete the search history. On the left-hand navigation bar, click "What to Clear." Click "Application History." On the right side of the screen, check the following: Clear toolbar search history (Google/Yahoo/MSN toolbar)Click "Apply."

Step 6

Set the software to clear search history at different intervals if you wish.On the left-hand navigation bar, click "What to Clear." Click on "Settings." On the right side of the screen, under Scheduler, you can choose to clear the history on program start, on program exit or on a timed schedule by hour and minute. Check the appropriate schedule. Click Apply.That's it, your MSN search history is cleared from your computer, and if you chose to have it erased on an automatic schedule, you will never need to manually erase it again.