How to Delete My Twitter Account From My Mobile Phone

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You might decide to delete a Twitter account due to privacy concerns, lack of interest or other personal reasons.
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While Twitter can be a great tool to stay in touch with friends and stay on top of the latest trends, you might decide to delete a Twitter account due to privacy concerns, lack of interest or other personal reasons. Rather than allowing you to permanently delete your account right away, Twitter requires that you first go through a deactivation process and then wait for 30 days before the service actually deletes your data. You can easily request deactivation from either the Twitter app or website on your phone, and Twitter offers an option to reactivate your account in case you made a mistake or change your mind.


Understand Twitter's Account Deletion Process

The deactivation process takes down your Twitter profile so that other users can't see your tweets, followers, username, biography or other information. However, Twitter warns that third-parties and search engines may save your tweets and account information for display on their websites, and deactivating your account will have no effect on that.

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The permanent deletion requires no action from you and automatically happens within 30 days of deactivation. At that point, you're free to create a new Twitter account using your previously used email address, and someone else could take your old username if they wanted.


Consider Backing Up Your Data

Before you go deactivate your Twitter account, consider requesting your Twitter archive. Your archive is a compressed folder that contains files with all your previous tweets. You can find an HTML file inside that you open in a web browser to view all past tweets, even after you've deactivated your account or had it permanently deleted.

To request this archive, tap your profile image on the top-left corner of the Twitter app or website and then select "Settings and Privacy." Select "Account" and tap "Your Twitter data." At the bottom, you'll have a place to type your password and confirm you want an archive. Doing this brings up a few data sources for Twitter and Periscope, and you'll want to tap "Request data" beside the Twitter option.


You can expect to receive an email from Twitter after it has created your archive. If you have only a few tweets, you may receive it quickly, but you can expect to wait much longer if you've sent thousands of tweets. Once you receive the archive, you'll want to open it from a computer rather than your mobile phone.

Delete Twitter Account From Phone

Whether you use the official Twitter app or visit the Twitter website on your phone, the process to deactivate your Twitter account includes the same steps. You can expect to automatically get logged out from your account as soon as you complete the process, and you won't have to worry about checking your email for a "deactivate Twitter link" or any follow-up step.


To begin the deactivation process, tap your profile picture in the upper-left corner of the Twitter app or website to access your Twitter account's menu. Scroll down the list and choose "Settings and Privacy." Select the "Account" option in the list and then "Deactivate Your Account" near the bottom of the screen.

After reading the messages that discuss the effects of deactivation, tap "Deactivate." Twitter will prompt again with a message to confirm the deactivation, so tap "Yes, deactivate" to confirm your decision and get logged out from the app. After 30 days, Twitter will delete your account information permanently.


Get Your Twitter Account Back

Within the 30 days from the time of deactivation, Twitter retains your account information such as your username, tweets and email address in case you want to reactivate the account. During this time, you can't use your Twitter-affiliated email address to make a new account, but you can make a new account with a new email address if desired. After 30 days when Twitter has deleted the account, you can create a new one with your previously used email address.

If you'd like to get your account back within those 30 days, simply try to log in to your Twitter account through the app or website. Twitter will recognize that you deactivated the account and show you the deadline for reactivation. Tap "Yes, reactivate" to recover the account and its data.