How to Delete Something From My Favorites List

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Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome let you bookmark your favorite websites or Web pages, and also allow you to group bookmarks into separate folders. Over time, outdated items can accumulate and make it harder to organize or find recent bookmarks. You can, however, delete unwanted bookmarks via the Favorites pane in Internet Explorer or the Bookmarks Manager in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


Internet Explorer

Press Ctrl-I to open the Favorites pane in Internet Explorer. Right-click a bookmark or sub-folder, and then press Delete to remove it. To remove multiple items, however, you must get to the Favorites on your Windows user account. Press Windows-R, type %userprofile%, and then press Enter. Double-click the Favorites folder, use hold Ctrl while left-clicking to select multiple items, and then press Delete. To remove all items within a folder or sub-folder, press Ctrl-A to select all items, and then press Delete.


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Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome

To open the Bookmarks Manager, press Ctrl-Shift-B in Mozilla Firefox, or Ctrl-Shift-O in Google Chrome. From the left navigation pane, select between available bookmark categories -- Bookmarks Toolbar and Bookmarks Menu in Firefox, or Bookmarks Bar and Other Bookmarks in Chrome -- and then right-click a bookmark or sub-folder and click Delete. To remove multiple items at once, hold down Ctrl while selecting the items, and then press Delete. To select all items at once, press Ctrl-A.





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