How to Delete Your Messages in Someone Else's Voicemail Box

Most of us have done it. You've had a few too many glasses of wine with your evening meal and are feeling in sociable mood so decide to call an ex or a friend and leave a voice-mail message. Afterwards you cringe at the thought of what you said. You hope that the recipient of the message hasn't played it back yet and wish there was a way for you to delete it from her voice mail. If she hasn't entrusted you with the access code for her voice mail, you only really have one option.

Hacking into somebody else's voice mail is illegal.

Step 1

Find out where the person for whom you left the voice-mail message on lives if you don't already know.

Step 2

Make your way to her house as soon as possible. If she is not there, find out where she is and try to get to her as soon as you can.

Step 3

Come clean about what you've done once you've met the recipient of your message. Explain the situation, that you are incredibly embarrassed and ask if she would mind if you accessed her voice mail from her phone to delete the offending recording.

Step 4

Delete the message if she grants her permission, apologize and remember not to repeat the mistake if the mood should take you in the future.


You may just exacerbate the situation by going to the home of the voice-mail recipient like this; she may well decide she wants nothing more to do with you. It would be better just to call, tell the truth and ask her to please delete the message without listening to it. Hacking into someone's voice mail is illegal.