How to Determine Timex Watch Models

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How to Determine Timex Watch Models
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Timex has produced hundreds of different watch models over the years, each with a specific model number that is required when utilizing the Timex Data Link Watch Wizard. The Wizard allows you to export data, such as contact information, appointments and birthdays, from Microsoft Outlook and download it to the watch. Not all Timex watch models have a prominently displayed model number. You can compare your watch with watches on the Timex website to determine the model or follow one of the suggestions below.


Step 1

Look on the back of the Timex watch dial. The model number may be listed there.

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Step 2

Determine the Timex watch model by the packaging. For example, the Timex 100 has a lightweight resin case, while the Timex 150 comes in packages made of metal.


Step 3

Find the model number on the back of the Timex watch case. The code for the model number is printed on a sticker near the bottom. Some example model codes include:

2025NA Model 100 Timex Data Link Watch 802 Model 150 Timex Data Link 150 Watch 763 Model 150s Timex Data Link 150s Watch


Step 4

Press the "Mode" button repeatedly on the Timex watch until "COMM Mode" is displayed. You can tell the model number by the message that is displayed, which will be similar to these:

Model 100 - comm/ready Model 150 - comm/ready v2.0 Model 150s - comm/ready v2.1