How to Dial European Phone Numbers From the USA

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You can dial a European number from the United States.

If you are dialing a European phone number from the United States, you must adhere to the international dialing code, which typically includes a specific set of digits that must be added in front of the number you are calling. Since an international dialing code may vary from one telephone service provider to another, contact your telephone provider if you experience difficulty dialing a European phone number. Irrespective of the format used by your telephone provider to make international calls, you must know the telephone country code of the European country you are trying to dial.


Step 1

Obtain the country code of the European country you are trying to call by visiting the World Telephone Numbering Guide homepage; see the"Resources" section of this article. The World Telephone Numbering Guide homepage displays the country codes for all countries.

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Step 2

Place a "011" in front of the country code, which is followed by the area code, and then the number. If the country you are calling has an area or city code, include a "0" after the country code; do not include a "0" if the country does not use area codes.


If you are not sure whether the country you are dialing uses area codes, visit the World Telephone Numbering Guide homepage, click on the country under the "Europe" section, and then select the "Area codes list" link under "Area code information."

Step 3

Dial the number, making sure it contains the complete international dialing code. For example, if you are calling a phone number in France, you should dial the number in the following format: 09 69 36 39 00.


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