How to Do a Smiley Face Sticking Out the Tongue on Facebook

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In certain sections of Facebook, such as chats and messages, you can liven things up by adding smileys. Some basics include a simple smiley face, a face with glasses, a winking face and a confused face. If you're feeling creative, you can include a shark, devil, robot or penguin. For those times when you're feeling playful or want to tease someone, make your meaning clear by using a smiley that is sticking out its tongue. Unfortunately, this does not work in all of Facebook. You cannot make these smileys in a status update or wall post, for example.


Step 1

Click within the field, such as a private message or a chat message, where you wish to include a smiley face sticking out its tongue.

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Step 2

Type ":p" using a colon and the letter p without the quotation marks. This is the simplest way to make this smiley, though you have other options including ":-P," ":-p" and "=P."


Step 3

Click "Send," press "Enter" or do whatever else is necessary to send the message of the type you have chosen. This changes the set of characters into an actual smiley with its tongue sticking out.


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