How to Do Subtitles on a VIZIO TV

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Enabling subtitles -- also known as closed captioning -- on a VIZIO television is an easy process that takes only a few minutes of perusing the menu. Closed captioning is useful in a variety of situations, from making TV programming easy to follow for those who are hard of hearing to improving dialogue and plot comprehension.


Step 1: Find the CC Menu

On VIZIO television sets, you control subtitles or closed captioning on the CC Menu. To find this particular menu, turn on your television set, press the Via button on your remote control and then select HDTV Settings. This action brings up a full menu, including options for Input, Sleep Timer and more. Use the arrow keys on your remote to select the CC menu.


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Step 2: Choose the Type of Closed Captioning

In the CC Menu, choose between Analog Closed Captioning and Digital Closed Captioning. According to the National Association of the Deaf, analog captions are always white text displayed on a black background. Digital captions can be customized for color, size, opacity and more. In June 2009, the vast majority of the TV industry switched from analog broadcasts to digital broadcasts, so chances are that you have digital CC. However, if you don't pay for cable and only watch free over-the-air TV programs, you might need to use analog CC. If in doubt, test both with several channels to make sure you see subtitles.


Step 3: Customize Your Closed Captioning Settings

If you are watching digital TV programming, then you can take advantage of the customizability of digital CC. Once you've selected VIZIO's CC Menu, select Custom as the Caption Style. Play around with the options for text size, text color and opacity of the text, as well as the background color, the background opacity, the frame color and the window opacity. Tweaking these settings should produce subtitles that are easily readable but not too distracting.


Step 4: Turn Off Closed Captioning

Don't want subtitles on all your TV programming all the time? To turn closed captioning off, simply return to the CC Menu. Highlight the top menu option, Closed Captions, and use the arrow buttons on your TV remote to set your CC to Off.