How to Download Microsoft Publisher 2003

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Microsoft Publisher 2003 is available for free on some websites.

Microsoft Publisher 2003 is no longer available from Microsoft, but you can legally download it for free from other websites. The popular desktop software is still widely used, although Microsoft has introduced several newer versions, including Microsoft Publisher 2010, which was still in beta form in early 2010. Some manufacturers allow free distribution of early versions of their software in hopes that new users will download the older versions and then pay for an upgrade to the latest version.


Step 1

Find Microsoft Publisher 2003 available for download on a site that is widely respected for its integrity and fair business practices. One site to consider is, operated by the popular technical site Through early 2010, more than 30,000 copies of Microsoft Publisher 2003 had been downloaded from the site at no charge.


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Step 2

Make sure you download only Microsoft Publisher 2003 no matter where you acquire it. You can find several sites offering the software by using an Internet search engine to search for the keywords "Microsoft Publisher 2003 free download." However, beware that some rogue sites offering free software will also bundle virus-filled spyware with the giveaway. Once installed on your computer the spyware could cause pop-up advertising and other annoyances. It is important to download from a trusted site, and to make sure you have anti-virus software installed. Also Microsoft Publisher 2003 should be available as a single download. Be suspicious of any offers to download additional files during the same session.


Step 3

Navigate to the site offering the free download. Check out the site's download policies before continuing. There should be clear and convincing language stating that the site does not offer software containing viruses, malicious adware, spyware or other potentially harmful components. If you are not familiar with the site, consider doing a background check. Use a search engine to find out more about the site and its reputation.


Step 4

Begin your download once you have found a site with which you are comfortable. Find the download link for the free Microsoft Publisher 2003 file, and click on it to begin the download. Follow the prompts to transfer and install it on your computer.