How to Download Music to a Cell Phone

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How to Download Music to a Cell Phone. Recently, cell phones have morphed into devices that allow the user to do almost everything a computer of ten years ago could do. One of these new uses is listening to music on the cell phone. But first, a user has to get the music to the cell phone.


Step 1

Determine if the cell phone is capable of storing music. While the phone may be new, it may not be able to store music.

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Step 2

Use the wireless web on the cell phone to download music. If available on the phone, this feature is used just the same as surfing the web and downloading music. Simply search for a familiar and legal music site, sign up and begin downloading the music to the cell phone. Be sure that the site supports downloading to a cell phone before signing up or making any commitment.


Step 3

Obtain the music that has been downloaded to a computer. If the phone is able to connect to a home computer, the music can be downloaded from there. A CD should have been included with the phone to make this possible. Insert the CD and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the software installation. Connect the phone to the computer usually through a usb or firwire connection. Open the software that was installed and begin downloading music to the cell phone.


Step 4

Utilize Bluetooth technology to download music from a home computer. Be sure that the cell phone and computer are Bluetooth enabled. Consult the owners manual of both for verification. Once enabled, a user can wirelessly transfer the music from the home computer to the cell phone.

Things You'll Need

  • MP3 enabled cell phone

  • Home computer

  • Cell phone user guide