How to Download Video Off YouTube to Desktop

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YouTube contains a huge variety of videos of many different genres. Downloading videos from YouTube enables you to upload them to portable video players, use them in video editing programs or upload them to other websites. Rather than downloading third-party software, such as video conversion programs that consume your computer's memory and hard drive space, use a video downloading and conversion website to download your favorite comedy, music or viral videos to your desktop.


Step 1

Go to and locate the video that you want to download to your computer. When you click on it, you will see the video's URL address in the address bar located on the top of your browser window.

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Step 2

Highlight the video's URL address in the address box. Right-click the selection and click "Copy."


Step 3

Go to a video downloading website such as, or All of these websites enable you to download YouTube videos to your computer without downloading and using third-party software.

Step 4

Right-click the URL address box in the video downloading website that you are using and click "Paste" to upload the YouTube video's URL address. Select the video format that you want to use if you are using If you are using or, move to the next step to select the video format that you want to use.


Step 5

Click "Download" or "Convert," depending on the website that you are using. The video downloading website will then download the YouTube video. When the process completes, click "Download" again next to the video format that you want to use if you are downloading the YouTube video using or


Step 6

Select "Desktop" as the location in which to save the video file. Type a name for the video. Because YouTube does not provide you with the actual name of the video that you are downloading, you have to rename the your video. If you are using, you also have to change the file extension to .flv. For example, if you call your video "Smiling to the fullest," "Smiling to the fullest.flv" will be the video's name.

Step 7

Click "Save." The video is now on your desktop. Double-click it and it will play.


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