How to Edit a Photo Face Into a Video

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Motion tracking provides a user-friendly method of inserting photo faces into video projects.

Adding photo faces to your video sequence adds a distinct and eye-catching element to your project. Whether you intend to draw attention to the photo face in a comedic fashion, documentary exposition or collage, post-production video software provides a streamlined work flow that is user friendly. By mastering the technique of inserting photo faces into your video project, you can easily add other graphics in your future sequences.


Step 1

Prepare the photo of the face by removing all unnecessary elements around the face. The photo of the face should not include any background scenery or body parts. Set the background of the image canvas to "transparent."

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Step 2

Export the face photo from your photo software in a "PNG" file format. The "PNG" file format is suitable for video because it contains nearly uncompressed color information. The export resolution of the photo should be at least 100 dots per inch.


Step 3

Open the video project in which you intend to insert the face photo. Close the photo editing program to conserve system resource and video memory.

Step 4

Import the face photo into the library of your video project. Open the video sequence in which you plan to edit the photo face. Scroll to the beginning of where the face should appear.


Step 5

Insert the beginning key frame and add "anchor points" for the face before dragging it onto the video clip. These points will allow the face photo to move according to a chosen item in the scene. For example, if you plan to paste the photo face onto another actor in the video, you can set the anchor points as the actor's eyes. The face photo will move with the head of the actor.



Step 6

Drag the photo face from the video project library onto the first frame on the sequence in which the face will appear.

Step 7

Advance the video sequence to the last frame in which you want the photo face to appear. Insert the ending keyframe.

Things You'll Need

  • Photo editing software

  • Video editing software


You can resize your photo face in your video editing software to make the face adhere to the composition of the piece.



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