How to Email Music Files From Windows Media Player

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Songs can easily be sent as email attachments

As technology continues to expand, shortening the distance between friends and relatives, people continuously search for new ways to connect. As with file sharing for downloading programs or websites, you can share music with others through your e-mail account as well. Windows Media Player, one of the standards of any Windows operating system, is among the most popular players on computer's across the world, and allows you to find your songs on your computer to send them through your email program.


Step 1

Launch your Windows Media Player program on your desktop and right-click on a song that you would like to send in an email.

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Step 2

Select "Open File Location" in the pop-up window. This will open the folder on your computer where your music file is stored.


Step 3

Launch your Internet browser and open your email program.

Step 4

Compose an email with a recipient and a message.

Step 5

Click "Attachments" and use the pop-up window and drop-down menu to navigate to the folder on your computer where your file is stored.



Step 6

Select "Open" to add your music file to your message and return to your email.

Step 7

Click "Send" to deliver your message along with the music file.




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