How to Embed a Word Document in Excel

By Nick Peers

Learn how you can embed Microsoft Word documents into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. You can also link to the Word document or display it as an icon.

Things You'll Need

  • Word 2007
  • Excel 2007

Embed a Microsoft Word document in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and access it with a few mouse clicks during a presentation. Alternatively, you can choose to link to a document from a spreadsheet if you want to automatically update the data in Excel when you edit the document in Word.

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that you want to edit, switch to the Insert tab and click the Object button in the Text group to display the Object dialog.

Step 2

Browse for the document and embed it in the spreadsheet.

Switch to the Create From File tab, click the Browse button and use the file browser to select the Word document that you want to embed in the spreadsheet.

Check the Link to File box if you want to link to the document. Changes to the linked document are reflected in the Excel spreadsheet. Check the Display as Icon if you want to display an icon instead of the first page of the document; double-clicking the icon opens the document in Microsoft Word.

Click OK to embed the Word document in the spreadsheet.

Step 3

Verify the result and change the size of the document.

Verify the embedded document. If you aren't satisfied with the result, press Ctrl-Z to undo the changes to the spreadsheet. To resize the embedded document, drag the resize handles on the sides of the document. To change the appearance of the object in Excel, right-click it and select Format Object from the context menu. Among other things, you can change the object's colors, lines and size.


  • Only the first page of the Word document is displayed inMicrosoft Excel. However, the entire document is embedded and can beedited by double-clicking the object.
  • Double-clicking a linked document opens a new instance of Microsoft Word.


  • Embedded documents are not updated when you edit the source Word document.
  • The link is broken if the linked document is missing; you can't open the document from Excel if this happens.