How to Embed Flv Video in HTML

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Embed Flash videos on your Web page using HTML.

The FLV file extension stands for "Flash Video," which is a file type by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Originally introduced as "Shockwave Flash," the FLV movies are viewable on major computer operating systems like Windows and Macintosh. As you create your own Flash files, consider publishing them on your Web page to enhance your content and provide a visual element for your visitors to enjoy. Using your computer's text editor application, enter the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) code that embeds the video file on your page.


Step 1

Place your FLV video file in your Web host account in the same directory that you keep your other HTML files in. Access your "Control Panel" area, click the "Public_HTML" or "Public_WWW" link and click the "Browse" or "Upload" button to select the file from your computer and add it to your host. Make a note of the video's URL location (for example, "").


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Step 2

Start your text editor application and open an existing file or begin a new one.

Step 3

Place your cursor in the area where you want the Flash video to appear.

Step 4

Type in the "<embed src="> tag, follow this with URL address of your movie and enter a closing "" tag element at the end. You also have the option to specify the dimensions of the video player by entering number values after the "width=" and "height=" descriptors. To illustrate:


Step 5

Enter the opening "" tag with the width and height descriptors before the embed code. Further, type a "" element that identifies your file as a movie and names the Web address where it is found. The object code ensures that the Internet Explorer browser renders your video correctly. Your complete code now looks as follows:

Step 6

Save your document. Your FLV file is now embedded in your HTML page.


If you do not have a Web host account, access a free, online file host provider like FileFactory or MediaFire (see Resources). Click the "Browse" or "Upload" button and follow the instructions to finishing adding your FLV video file to the host. Record the URL address that displays at the end of this task.