How to Enable an ATI Adapter Using Display Manager

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An ATI adapter is a type of video adapter that is designed to be used on computers running Windows. If the adapter is disabled, you will not be able to connect any external monitors, video projectors or other similar devices to it, as your operating system won't be able to recognize it. Of the different ways you can enable this type of display adapter, one is through the "Display" manager in the Control Panel.


Step 1

Click "Start."

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Step 2

Click "Control Panel."

Step 3

Click "Display."


Step 4

Click "Change Display Settings."

Step 5

Click "Advanced Settings."


Step 6

Click the "Adapter" tab. Select the ATI adapter from the list on screen. Click "Properties."


Step 7

Click the "Driver" tab.

Step 8

Click "Enable" to enable the ATI adapter through the "Display" manager.



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