How to Enable WiFi on a Lenovo T61

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How to Enable WiFi on a Lenovo T61
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Lenovo laptops contain a feature that allows you to quickly toggle wireless Internet connectivity on and off. However, if you are unaware of this feature, you might find yourself at a loss if your computer refuses to connect to an otherwise working network. After learning how to manipulate this feature, how to check your Windows wireless settings and how to check the status of your wireless card, you will be able to connect to wireless networks normally.


Step 1

Gently turn the Lenovo around so that you have a clear view of its back.

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Step 2

Locate the Wi-Fi switch on its right-hand side.

Step 3

Push the switch towards the icon that contains a square and what appears to be a radio signal or speaker.


Step 4

Turn the Lenovo around, and click "Start," "Control Panel," "Network and Internet," "Network Options" and then "Manage Network Connections."


Step 5

Right-click the wireless card that is listed, and then click "Enable" if that option is available. Otherwise, simply click "Cancel."




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