How to Exit Out of Pandora on an Android Phone

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The Android Pandora app lets you listen to your favorite stations on the free music streaming service from your Android phone or tablet. You can switch stations with the app, create a new station and skip songs. Because Android lets you multitask, you can listen to your Pandora stations while using other apps on the device. Because Pandora continues to run when you leave the app and start another another app, you must quit Pandora completely to close the application.


Step 1

Open the Pandora app on your Android device. Tap "I Have A Pandora Account" and type the email address you used when you signed up for Pandora and the password associated with your account, then tap "Sign in."

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Step 2

Tap a station on the "Station List" screen. The station will buffer and begin to play. To switch to another station, tap the "Station List" icon on the Now Playing Screen, then tap another station.


Step 3

Press the "Home" button on your Android device to return to the home screen. From the home screen, you can browse the Web, check email or send SMS text messages while the Pandora station streams.


Step 4

Drag the notification bar on the home screen down and tap the Pandora entry to return to the Pandora Now Playing screen. Press the "Menu" button on your device, then tap "Quit" to exit the Pandora app.



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