How to Find Answers to Riddles

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How to Find Answers to Riddles

Riddles can be a fun and creative way to challenge your friends and family, or even exercise your own brain power. But if you find yourself completely stumped, or you just want to check your answers, to may want to find answers to the riddles somewhere else. Here is how to find answers to riddles:

Step 1

Use Your Favorite Search Engine

If you have a short riddle, the easiest way to find the answer to it is by plugging it into a search engine like Google. Type the entire riddle out in the search engine bar, and put quotes (" ") around it to limit your search to that exact phrase. Then, hit search and see what pops up. If they are common, you should be able to find answers to the riddles.

Step 2

Check Out Brain Teaser Websites

Another easy way to find answers to riddles is by checking out brain teaser websites. There are quite a few large collections of riddles on the internet, one of which is bound to have both the riddle and the answer you are looking for. Try some of these websites, listed below:

You can also find more riddle websites by searching for "riddles" using your favorite search engine.

Step 3

Brush Up on Some Riddle Books

For as many websites about riddles, there are as many - if not more - riddle books. Pick up a few at your local bookstore or library, and read up. You can learn hundreds of new riddles, find answers to riddles, and test your brain power by reading. Plus, you can find new ways to confuse and impress your friends, family, and co-workers!