How to Find My Display Adapter

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Display adapters are pieces of hardware that generate video information that is displayed on the computer monitor. The most common display adapter for a computer is the video card. Knowing the details of your display adapter will help you judge what kind of software your system is capable of using and let you identify the manufacturer of the device. You can access this information from within Windows.


Step 1

Click "Start" and type "Change display settings" in the Search box.

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Step 2

Click the "Change display settings" link on the Search list and click "Yes" if asked to provide administrative permission to the program.


Step 3

Click "Advanced settings" on the mid-right of the Display settings dialog.


Step 4

Click the "Adapter" tab if it is not already open. Your display adapter is listed under "Adapter Type," and additional information is displayed below under "Adapter Information."



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