How to Find My Visio Product Key

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How to Find My Visio Product Key
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One way to get seriously out of the flow of designing flow charts and diagrams is to not be able to access the software creating those charts. When you transfer a piece of software from computer to computer, perform reinstallations, experience a crash or virus or are upgrading, you may require access to your software's product key. For the Microsoft Visio charting software, finding a product key requires no diagrammed path, just a couple of clicks.


Step 1

Check the Visio or Microsoft Office Suite packaging for the software, such as the clam-shell case, paper CD-ROM holders or pamphlets included in the clam shell. The product key is on at least one of these materials.

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Step 2

Open Visio. Click the "File" tab. Click the "Help" option.


Step 3

Review the right third of the screen, just above the words "Microsoft Software License Terms." The words "Product ID" and their corresponding block of four sets of dashed numbers is directly above.


Product IDs for all software in the Microsoft Office Suite are the same, so performing the “File” and “Help” process on any Suite product, such as Word or Excel, will also reveal the Visio ID. On the Microsoft screen, the product key is called a product ID. This set of numbers may also be referred to the license key, serial number or license ID for the software.