How to Find People with Pictures

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Whether you are trying to locate a long lost brother or a friend from high school, the Internet is host to a plethora of people's pictures. Sharing pictures has become more popular than ever because of the popularity of social networking sites. With pictures, one is able to get a sense of who the person is and what they look like. Finding people with pictures is not hard because uploading a profile picture has become standard for most social networking and dating sites.


Step 1

Go to the MySpace website and click the "Sign Up" link on the top tool bar if you do not already have an account. Once you are signed in, click the "Friends" tab on the top toolbar and then select "Browse People."

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Step 2

Make sure the "Only Show Users who Have Pictures" button is highlighted. Enter the gender that you are searching for and the area code. Click "Update" to bring up the search results. Click "Advanced" for a more in depth search.


Step 3

Go to the Facebook website and click the green sign up button if you do not already have a profile. Enter in the name of a specific person for whom you are searching into the search bar.

Step 4

Click the "Friends" tab on the top tool bar and select "Find Friends" to find friends in your network. Although you may not be able to view their complete profiles until you add them as a friend, you will be able to view their profile pictures.



Step 5

Go to the Spokeo website and enter in your AOL, Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! account information to see pictures of your contacts. For some contacts, you may need to purchase a premium membership to view their photos.



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