How to Find the MAC Address on My Xerox WorkCentre

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The Xerox WorkCentre is a high volume printer/copier that can perform common printing and copying functions, as well as scanning, emailing and faxing, which makes it a popular choice for an all-in-one office solution. Additionally, you can connect a WorkCentre to a network, meaning that it has a Media Access Control (MAC) address. This address is important when running network diagnostics or configuring permissions over a network for specific devices.


Step 1

Press the light blue "Machine Status" button on the left side of the touch screen.

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Step 2

Touch the tab at the top of the display that says "Information Pages."

Step 3

Select the "System Configuration" button on the display.


Step 4

Touch the "Print" button on the display to print out a hard copy of the system configuration report. The MAC address will be listed on the report next to "MAC Address:" with a format similar to "01:23:45:67:89:ab".

Step 5

Press the "Close" button on the display to exit out of the "Machine Status" menu.


The system configuration page will also provide other useful information, such as the WorkCentre's IP address, printer port and current status.