How to Find the MAC Address on My Xerox WorkCentre

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The Xerox WorkCentre is a high volume printer/copier that can perform common printing and copying functions, as well as scanning, emailing and faxing, which makes it a popular choice for an all-in-one office solution. Additionally, you can connect a WorkCentre to a network, meaning that it has a Media Access Control (MAC) address. This address is important when running network diagnostics or configuring permissions over a network for specific devices.


Step 1

Press the light blue "Machine Status" button on the left side of the touch screen.

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Step 2

Touch the tab at the top of the display that says "Information Pages."

Step 3

Select the "System Configuration" button on the display.


Step 4

Touch the "Print" button on the display to print out a hard copy of the system configuration report. The MAC address will be listed on the report next to "MAC Address:" with a format similar to "01:23:45:67:89:ab".


Step 5

Press the "Close" button on the display to exit out of the "Machine Status" menu.



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