How to Find The Real Name Behind a Username

By Techwalla Contributor

Seems everyone has multiple usernames on the Internet -- one for MySpace, another for Facebook, another for Facebook and a blog. If you're curious what the real name is behind a username, there are some handy search engines where you can look up a username on dozens of social networking sites, blogs, photo sites, websites, online documents and more in one search.

Step 1

Contact the username. The simplest way to find out the real name behind a username is to simply make direct contact. For example, if you've read a post on a blog from someone with the username "DancingBear," click on the link for DancingBear, which typically goes to that person's blog, website, social networking site or perhaps is an email link.

Step 2

Conduct a search in Whoozy. Whoozy is a people search engine that looks up information in social networks; search engines; photo, video, audio sites; online documents and more. Go to, enter the username in the search field, press the "Search" button, and check the information associated with that username.

Step 3

Run a reverse username search in Spokeo. Spokeo searches dozens of social networking sites, among other online searches, such as photo sites, video sites and websites. To search a username, go to, enter the name, and press the "Search" button. Results for that username display as links in the left column of the results page. Click a link for more information, and research if a real name is linked to that username.

Step 4

Go to yoName. YoName categorizes its searches into three areas: people searches, web searches and public records searches. To do a username search, go to, press the "People Search" button, enter the username, and press the "Yo!" button. Results for that username, as well as variations of that name, display in the center of the next page as links to blogs, websites, social networking sites and more. Click a link, and check that site for a real name associated with that username.

Step 5

See who's at ICQ. ICQ is a social networking site with millions of users around the world. To search a username, go to At the top of the web page, click the "People" link, enter the username, and press the "Search" button. On the results web page, every instance of that ICQ username displays with links to profile pages (for example, a search on the username "Sally" might result in "SallyCalifornia," "Sally123" and "SallyJones"). Click a profile link, and check for references to that person's real name.