How to Fix My Volume on My Laptop

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If you are not getting any sound out of your laptop's speakers or connected headphones/speakers, the volume controls may not be properly set up on the laptop. Adjusting the volume settings can fix problems ranging from no sound coming out to the sound being too low. It is also useful for lowering the volume if it is too loud.


Step 1

Locate the volume control icon on the laptop. The control is located on the lower right of the screen along with other icons. It is a small speaker icon. You may need to click a small arrow to the left of the icons to reveal the speaker icon.

Step 2

Right-click on the speaker icon and click on "Open Volume Control" (the wording may vary slightly). Make sure that the "Mute All" option is unchecked. Make sure the other "Mute" options are unchecked as well.

Step 3

Hold down the mouse cursor on the volume slider controls for the "Master Volume." Move the mouse cursor upward to slide the slider up which will increase the overall volume.

Step 4

Look for audio control buttons across the top of the laptop. Some Windows-based laptops have these additional controls. Press any one with a speaker icon to bring up the on-screen display that indicates whether the volume is muted or what volume level it is set on.


Step 1

Locate the speaker volume icon in the top right of the screen. Click it once to reveal a vertical slider bar.

Step 2

Hold the mouse cursor over the slider while pressing the mouse button or trackpad and move it up or down to raise or lower the main volume.

Step 3

Press the "Mute" volume key located on the upper left section of the Mac's keyboard. There is a section of keys dedicated to volume control; the "Mute" key has an icon of a speaker; the volume up and down keys have icons of speakers with small curved lines in front of the speaker icon. An on-screen display will show whether the volume is muted or not.


Check the volume control setting in the program you are using to listen to audio or view video with audio. The controls may be located on the top or the bottom section of the program's main window. Usually a slider bar is available. Move the slider bar switch upwards to un-mute or raise the audio volume. If you have external speakers or headphones attached, make sure their power supply is on for speakers and make sure the jack is plugged into the laptop's "Audio Out" port.