How to Fix Stack Overflow at Line 0

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A stack is a section of memory where a program stores its variables, calculations, option states and program parameters. When started, a program is allocated some memory to use for the stack; a stack overflow happens when a program exceeds its allocation. The offending program may attempt to write into adjacent memory sections, causing conflicts with other programs. Stack overflows are common with Java, C++, Perl and other runtime environments, which assist in running programs. A stack overflow at line 0 indicates that the offending program tripped up from the start; however, stack overflows can occur on any line number.


Step 1

Click "Start," "Control Panel, then "Internet Options." Click on the "Advanced" tab.

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Step 2

Check "Disable Script Debugging (IE)" and "Disable Script Debugging (Other)" under the "Browsing" options.


Step 3

Uncheck "Display a notification about every script error."

Step 4

Check "Enable Automatic Crash recovery."


Step 5

Click "OK."


Step 6

Download and install a Java update from the Java website.

Step 7

Download and install a Windows update.


Updating Windows and Java Runtime ensure that the latest patches, fixes and security features are installed. The latest version of Internet Explorer is included in the critical updates.



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