How to Fix the Delay of Sending & Receiving Text in My Boost Mobile Phone

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When you experience a delay when sending or receiving text messages on your Boost Mobile phone, you can potentially fix the problem without spending time on the phone with technical support. Network issues or a need to update the profile on your phone can cause a delay on your phone. With the exception of a reset, none of the data or settings on your phone are affected by troubleshooting the delay. The reset completely erases all the data on the phone.


Step 1

Update the profile on your Boost Mobile phone to resolve a delay in text messages issue. Touch "Settings" on the home screen of the phone. Touch "About Phone," then touch "Update Profile." Wait for the process to complete. When completed, tap "OK" on your screen.

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Step 2

Update the Preferred Roaming List, or PRL, if you were recently out of your normal coverage area and are now experiencing a delay in messages. The PRL tells your phone which cellphone tower to connect to in the area in which you are currently located. Touch "Settings," and then touch "About Phone." Touch "Update PRL" and wait for the process to complete. Touch "OK" when prompted.


Step 3

Remove the battery from your phone if the issue continues. Do not power off the phone prior to removing the battery. Depending on the phone, you need to either lift or slide off the cover. Remove the battery for at least one minute. Replace the battery and cover.


Step 4

Contact Boost Mobile customer support to determine if there are network issues in your coverage area. If so, ask the representative how long the issues are expected to last.


Step 5

Reset your phone if the delay continues. Backup any data on your phone that you want to keep before performing the reset. Touch "Settings," and then touch "Privacy." Touch "Factory Data Reset," and then touch "Reset Phone."




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