How to Forward a Phone Number

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Forward a Phone Number

If you have more than one phone there are times you may want to forward your calls from one phone to the other. This is especially true for those people who have both a land line and a cell phone. If you are not home to answer you land line calls you might miss a crucial call regarding work or an emergency. Many people choose to forward their calls from one phone to another.


Step 1

Use the standard forwarding code that most phone companies provide, which is 72. Enter 72 into your phone and hit "Send," wait for the tone and enter the number that you want your calls forwarded to. After you hang up, your calls will then be forwarded. The standard code used to cancel call forwarding is 73. These codes are set by the NANP (North American Numbering Plan) and are fairly consistent among most carriers. If 72 does not work, call your carrier to find out which forwarding code it uses.


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Step 2

Call your cell phone provider directly if you have service through AT&T or Cingular to have your phone number forwarded. AT&T and Cingular call forwarding must be done by one of their customer service representatives. You will also need to call the company to deactivate the forwarding.


Step 3

Call your phone company and ask for details on permanent forwarding to permanently forward a home phone. If you are canceling service, the company may not forward your calls but in many cases it can add a recorded message informing callers of your new phone number.