How to Get a Gmail Account

After adding Gmail to an account, log out and back in on devices that use your Google Account.
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Google's free email service, Gmail, is tied in with all of the company's other products through a Google Account. If you already have a Google Account from another site, including YouTube, you can use that account to open a new Gmail address. If you don't have an account at all, sign up on the Gmail website.

Start From Scratch

If you've never used a Google service or don't want your existing Google Account tied to your new Gmail address, start a brand new Google Account to use with Gmail. Head to the Gmail home page and select Create an Account. Choose a username, which also serves as your email address, and fill in your personal information.

The form also has spaces for your old email address and a cell phone number. These fields are optional, but they give you an extra way to recover your account if you lose your password.

Add Gmail to an Account

To get a Gmail account on an existing Google Account, log in to your Google Account and visit Gmail. You'll see a short form that asks you to pick a Gmail address. This address becomes the new login name for your Google Account, in place of your old email address.

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