How to Get Free Applications for MetroPCS Cell Phones

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Download free apps from the MetroPCS store.
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One of the benefits of owning a smartphone is the innumerable applications that you can download. Whether you fancy a good game, or you want the latest news and weather, the MetroPCS store offers a huge variety of apps, many of which are free.


Step 1

Select the "@metro" icon from your MetroPCS phone's main menu.

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Step 2

Select "MobileShop" with the shopping cart icon.

Step 3

Browse the application catalog for free applications.


Step 4

Select the free apps that you want to download onto your MetroPCS phone.

Step 5

Tap the "Get it Now" or "Download" button and allow the app to download and install on your MetroPCS phone.

Step 6

Go to your Applications menu on your MetroPCS phone and select the app you just installed to run it.


Some phone models may not support newer applications, make sure your phone is compatible with the application that you are trying to download.