How to Get Free Applications for MetroPCS Cell Phones

By Techwalla Contributor

One of the benefits of owning a smartphone is the innumerable applications that you can download. Whether you fancy a good game, or you want the latest news and weather, the MetroPCS store offers a huge variety of apps, many of which are free.

Things You'll Need

  • MetroPCS Cell Phone

Step 1

Select the "@metro" icon from your MetroPCS phone's main menu.

Step 2

Select "MobileShop" with the shopping cart icon.

Step 3

Browse the application catalog for free applications.

Step 4

Select the free apps that you want to download onto your MetroPCS phone.

Step 5

Tap the "Get it Now" or "Download" button and allow the app to download and install on your MetroPCS phone.

Step 6

Go to your Applications menu on your MetroPCS phone and select the app you just installed to run it.

Tips & Warnings

  • This guide is based on me using a Huawei M750 phone. I am currently able to get three free apps: Mobile IM, MetroNavigator and Metro Email. This may vary depending on the type of phone and your location, so if anyone tries this guide out I would appreciate some feedback.
  • Some phone models may not support newer applications, make sure your phone is compatible with the application that you are trying to download.

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